New honorary doctorates awarded by the Faculty of Theology

28 October 2015

Two British researchers, Professor Denise Cush and Dr Rowan D. Williams, have been awarded honorary doctorates by the Faculty of Theology at Uppsala University.

Denise Cush, Professor of Religion and Education, is based at Bath Spa University in England. In her research, Denise Cush has taken an interest in both comparative religious studies and religious education. In addition, she is also greatly involved in religious education pedagogy. Cush’s research delves into religion and education in the widest sense: It encompasses everything from Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity to youth spirituality, alternative spirituality and Paganism. Her research on youth spirituality and Neopaganism sheds light on contemporary expressions of alternative spirituality, particularly from the perspective of lived religion, i.e. the role of religion and spirituality in people’s everyday lives. Notably, in her internationally renowned religious education research, Denise Cush has highlighted the importance of dialogue between students of different faiths within the framework of non-confessional religious education.

Dr Rowan D. Williams, Baron Williams of Oystermouth, is a British theologian and poet. He was the archbishop of Canterbury, Church of England, between 2003 and 2012. He has conducted extensive and constructive research on the intersection between church and culture, and has been particularly important to the renewed understanding of the importance of ecclesiology for contemporary secular theology. He is now Master of Magdelene College in Cambridge. He is also an acclaimed poet and translator of poetry, and speaks and writes, aside from Welsh, nine different languages. As he unfortunately is unable to attend the conferment ceremony in January 2016, his honorary doctorate will instead be conferred in 2017.