Secretary General and professor new honorary doctors at the Faculty of Law

8 October 2015

Anne Ramberg, Secretary General of the Swedish Bar Association, and professor Paul Oberhammer of the University of Vienna have been made honorary doctors at the Faculty of Law, Uppsala University.

Anne Ramberg is the first female Secretary General of the Swedish Bar Association, a position she has held since 2000. She is a pioneer in many ways and her leadership of the association has brought attention in an entirely new way to the role played by lawyers in the rule of law. As Secretary General, she has consistently championed the principles of the rule of law and a belief in legal protection and basic rights for individuals. This has characterised both her work within the association and her participation in the general debate regarding legal science. Over the years, Anne Ramberg has also been heavily involved in teaching both young students and future lawyers subjects such as constitutional law. By setting up the so-called the Hilda, Sofia and Ruben Programmes, Anne Ramberg has shown how equality and mentorship programmes can be implemented in practice and can be very successful. In every sphere that she works, Anne Ramberg highlights the central role of jurisprudence in making the rule of law reality and creating a functional society where basic values and democracy take a prominent position.

Paul Oberhammer is a professor of civil law and dean of the Faculty of Law in Vienna. He previously held professorships in Germany (Greifswald, Halle-Wittenberg) and Switzerland (Zürich). He is one of the brightest stars in the firmament of international procedural law. He combines this with a prominent position in national civil procedural law, including arbitration, in the German-speaking countries. He has led and participated in a good deal of international research collaboration and has a very extensive production of scientific papers on his list of achievements. Since the beginning of this century, Oberhammer has repeatedly been involved primarily in research collaborations but also in educational exchanges with the Faculty of Law in Uppsala, especially in the field of procedural law. Perhaps his most important initiative was to set up and then maintain an annually held meeting among doctoral students from Zürich, Vienna, Ljubljana and Uppsala. The meeting has now taken place for eleven consecutive years.