Languages name two new honorary doctors

25 October 2013

Kjersti Fløttum, professor of French at the University of Bergen, and David Denison, professor of English at the University of Manchester, have been singled out to receive honorary doctorates from the Faculty of Languages.

Kjersti Fløttum works with text and genre theory, semantics, and pragmatics. She has made very significant contributions to the development of the theory of polyphony in language, which, thanks to her efforts, come to occupy a central position in Romance language studies in Scandinavia. Her scholarly production is rich, especially that focusing on academic and political discourse. Besides a large number of articles, she has published four monographs. Fløttum has also led major international interdisciplinary research projects addressing concerns of relevance to society, such as the use of language in the climate issue and integration matters in Europe.

David Denison is a leading expert in English linguistics. His special field is English language history, and in his research he has demonstrated both breadth and depth in a number of areas, including grammar, syntax, verb studies, and semantics. His research is marked by great awareness of language theory and methodology, and his insistence on high quality in the use of sources and in the compilation of new electronic resources has been instrumental in the development of empirical language research in anglistics.