Uppsala pedagogue joins Research Advisory Committee

9 August 2019

The Swedish Government has appointed a new Research Advisory Committee to consult on a number of issues, including drafting a new research policy bill. Elisabet Nihlfors, professor of pedagogy at Uppsala University is one of twelve members of the committee.

The theme of the new Research Advisory Committee will be knowledge and research to support a better future; for example, in the fields of environment, climate and health.  The committee will also focus on skills provision in healthcare, schools and business. as well as a cross-cutting theme regarding research and knowledge to respond to resistance to research findings and the rise of alternative facts and populism.

The committee is chaired by Matilda Ernkrans, Minister for Higher Education and Research.

“One vital task for the Research Advisory Committee is to offer advice to the Government regarding the shaping of Swedish research policy. My ambition is to see Swedish research retain its place at the international forefront. We must safeguard independent research while at the same time ensuring that our research policy responds to social challenges both globally and nationally,” says Matilda Ernkrans.

Elisabet Nihlfors, professor of pedagogy at Uppsala University, is one of the twelve members of the new Research Advisory Council.

Elisabet Nihlfors, new member of the Research
Advisory Council. Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

“There are many aspects with a significant bearing on the ability of Swedish universities to create the best possible preconditions for research; everything from taking a holistic perspective towards infrastructure, resource allocation and leadership, to ensuring that individual researchers and research groups are able to work farsightedly and dare to take risks,” says Elisabet Nihlfors. “One issue of great importance to me personally as an educational scientist is of course creating a more solid relationship between research and education.  This doesn’t only apply to teaching programmes, although these are important examples of the importance of allowing students to come into contact with and be involved in research throughout their education. I am greatly looking forward to discussing these and many other issues.”

Here are the members of the new Research Advisory Committee:

  • Anna Forsberg, professor
  • Johan Kuylenstierna, adjunct professor
  • Olle Lundberg, professor
  • Sara Mazur, PhD
  • Elisabet Nihlfors, professor
  • Håkan Pihl, vice-chancellor
  • Lisa Monsoonal, PhD
  • Göran Sandberg, professor
  • Madelene Sandström, former CEO of the Knowledge Foundation
  • Astrid Söderbergh Widding, vice-chancellor
  • Tuula Teeri, professor
  • Mathias Uhlén, professor

Appointments to the committee are from August 2019 until autumn 2020.