Högre seminarium i offentlig rätt: Konstitutionella resonemang i de nordiska högsta domstolarna

  • Date: –17:00
  • Location: Rum 234 Munken 1 Trädgårdsgatan 20
  • Lecturer: Katalin Capannini-Kelemen och Åsa Elmerot
  • Contact person: Maja Kristiansson-Gran
  • Seminarium

On 1 June, we welcome you to participate in a higher seminar in public law with Katalin Capannini-Kelemen, associate professor of comparative law at Örebro University, and Åsa Elmerot, senior lecturer in law at Örebro University on the topic: Constitutional reasoning in the Nordic high courts.

The seminar presents the Nordic CONREASON project, led by Associate Professor Katalin Capannini-Kelemen at Örebro University, started in September 2021. The project aims to map constitutional reasoning in the Nordic countries. By using a combination of quantitative and qualitative empirical methods, the project will identify and explain the common features of the Nordic style of constitutional reasoning based on an analysis of 40 landmark cases in each of the five jurisdictions. It will also show whether and how the practices of Nordic supreme courts follow the worldwide trends.