Diabetes Plus: "Diabetes + Politics"

  • Date: –13:00
  • Location: https://uu-se.zoom.us/j/68486926364 Betty Petterssonsalen
  • Lecturer: Guest: Lina Nordquist, PhD - Member of Parliament UDC Intro: Steve McKeever, Assoc. Prof. Moderator: Peter Bergsten, Prof.
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  • Organiser: Uppsala Diabetes Centre
  • Contact person: Ulrika Bäckman
  • Phone: 070-1679474
  • Seminarium

One-hour lunch seminar in the cross-disciplinary series Diabetes Plus by Uppsala Diabetes Centre. "Diabetes + Politics: Safe Societal and Social Actors for Sustainable Diabetes Care and Prevention" focuses on healthcare and the political dimension with regards to diabetes. It is given in English and streamed via Zoom. For those who can attend, a light lunch is included from 11.30. Limited spots.

Diabetes Plus is a new seminar series arranged by Uppsala Diabetes Centre (UDC). Its purpose is to bring together speakers and attendants from various scholastic and societal domains to discuss current issues within diabetes research. The first seminar – entitled “Diabetes + Politics” – will focus on healthcare and the political dimension with regards to diabetes.

Our guest for the day is Lina Nordquist – a parliamentarian, author, and Associate Professor in Physiology. The seminar will consist of a presentation followed by questions from the audience. Discussions will be moderated by Peter Bergsten, Professor in Cell Biology, who is also the main organiser of the new seminar series. The session will open with a short introduction by UDC deputy director Steve McKeever (Associate Professor in Information Systems).

“Diabetes + Society” starts at 12 o’clock in Betty Petterssonsalen (Blåsenhus) and will last for approximately an hour. UDC have arranged for a light lunch from 11.30. There are limited spots, but for those of you who cannot attend physically the seminar will be streamed via Zoom.

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