SDG:s and Industry 4.0 - creating a new purpose economy 

  • Date: –13:45
  • Location: Digitalt evenemang
  • Organiser: Uppsala universitet
  • Contact person: Owe Ronström
  • Seminarium

What are the learnings from Sweden, The Nordics and India in creating an ecosystem that builds in and hard-codes equity from a perspective of a digital democracy, socioeconomic growth and sustainable development?

India’s rapid urbanisation and massive digitalisation is an opportunity for organisations, institutions and various stakeholders to help create a new social architecture for cities and industries that can be both sustainable and people friendly. Equity is as critical for people, planet and sustainability, as ecology and environment. In fact, without people having affordable and equitable access to critical resources, sustainability cannot be achieved in a wholistic sense.

Seminar 3 of Engaging India at Almedalen 2021: Future Urbanisms will explore the Scandinavian model of equitable growth and reflect the new efforts underway in the Indian context.

The speakers include experts from academia, industry and policy from Sweden and India.

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During the Almedalen Week, Uppsala University co-arranges several seminars on the theme Engaging India at Almedalen 2021: Future Urbanisms.

Monday 5 July: 

Part 4, 14:15-15:30:  Towards a Zero City - what the world can learn from Swedish 'lagom' and Indian 'sunya'

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