Symposium: Changing Animal Bodies

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  • Location: Universitetshuset, sal IX
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  • Organiser: Jacob Bull, forskare på Centrum för genusvetenskap
  • Contact person: Jacob Bull
  • Seminarium

Changing Animal Bodies - animal breeding in changing social and environment contexts

The bodies of domestic animals are constantly changing. For examples the last 100 years, dairy cows have tripled in weight and increased their milk production tenfold. Join us for interdisciplinary conversations around issues of animal breed and breeding!

We have witnessed the advent of the broiler chicken that reaches slaughter weight in 35 days and the honeybee is now up to 150% larger than it was in the 1890s. Moreover, as environmental futures are increasingly understood as uncertain, animal bodies are expected to become more ‘robust’ and ‘sustainable’ in the face of constantly shifting social, cultural, and environmental circumstances. As such,and with animal breeding as the focus, this symposium engages with the ways in which animal bodies are sites where agricultural pasts, presents and futures are imagined and negotiated.