Interior of the Humanities Theatre.


All that we do to make our research and our knowledge of practical use.

What is collaboration?

The concept of ‘collaboration’ is used within the world of universities. It is a dull word for something so exciting but we have not discovered a better word which encapsulates so much. Some people want to call it ‘the third task’ but that is even worse. Collaboration quite simply means all that we at the university do to make our research and our knowledge of practical use to society.

  • Lectures on research for both the general public and schools
  • Investigations
  • Conferences for continuing professional development
  • Researchers who serve as experts for the media and for investigations
  • Field trips
  • Courses
  • Popular science books
  • Debate articles in daily newspapers
  • Companies based on research innovations
  • Responses to referrals regarding proposed legislation

Contact us about collaboration

If you want to contact with us regarding some form of collaboration, you should get in touch with one of our departments or other units.

Search for the relevant subject using our directory. If you cannot find the right one, you can always contact the humanities and social sciences office who will help you.