Radio journalist appointed new honorary doctor

18 October 2016

Radio show host and journalist Peter Sandberg has been appointed honorary doctor at the Faculty of Theology, Uppsala University.

Peter Sandberg has over many years participated in the planning and recording of radio programmes such as Människor och tro and Teologiska rummet on Swedish Radio. His programmes are distinguished within the Swedish media landscape by the nuanced and scholarly light they shed on issues relating to religions and their social, political and cultural importance. Peter Sandberg actively seeks contact with researchers, reads up on research findings and creates a unique space where research results can be conveyed to listeners. His programmes are appreciated by many for their low-key and thorough discussions characterised by open-mindedness, where different opinions can be presented and detailed without deteriorating into aggressive debate. The programmes also offer a unique platform for public and constructive discussions between theologians and philosophers.

The Conferment Ceremony will be held in Uppsala Cathedral on 27 January 2017.