Two judges new honorary doctors at Faculty of Law

16 October 2013

The former Vice President of the European Court of Justice, Elisabeth Palm, and Supreme Court Justice Ingemar Persson were named to receive honorary doctoral degrees from the Faculty.

Elisabeth Palm was a judge on the European Court of Human Rights (European Court of Justice) in Strasbourg from 1988 to 2003. From 1998 to 2001 she was the Court's Vice President. During her tenure there were a great many changes, on the one hand, in the activities of the Court and, on the other hand, in the position of the European Convention and the European Court of Justice in Swedish law. Elisabeth Palm contributed to these changes in many positive ways. During her career she also served as office head, undersecretary of state, justice of the Supreme Administrative Court, and president of the Administrative Court of Appeal. Following her tenure with the European Court of Justice, she has continued her commitment, for example as a member of the UN Commission on Human Rights.

Ingemar Persson has been a justice of the Supreme Court since 2010. He has extensive experience of work as a judge in district courts, appellate courts, and arbitration boards. He has also worked as a legislator in central private law at the Ministry of Justice and has served in many capacities in several legislative commissions on private law. From 1985 to 1991 he taught at the Department of Law in Uppsala and since then has maintained close contacts with and shown his great interest in scholars, teachers, and students at the Department. Ingemar Persson has also played an active role in the Nordic Moot Court Competition on Human Rights and has served as a key transmitter of knowledge between academic research in private law and judicial practice at courts and authorities.