Educational science at Uppsala University receives SEK 46 million

1 November 2012

The Swedish Research Council has decided on grants for research in the educational sciences. Uppsala University receives over SEK 46 million in grants for six projects.

This year the Swedish Research Council announced two types of grants in the educational sciences: ‘Project grants’ and ‘Project grants: Evaluating educational reforms – intentions, realisation, effects’.

A total of 302 applications were handed in, 31 of them were granted funding. Six of these are at Uppsala University. The total sum granted is nearly SEK 200 million. Uppsala University receives just over SEK 46 million.

The following projects at Uppsala University have been granted funding:

Jonas Almqvist, Educational traditions and learning, SEK 8,957,000

Anna T. Danielsson, The power of knowledge: How teachers enable pupils’ participation and knowledge building in natural sciences and tech classrooms, SEK 5,611,000

Caroline Liberg, Function, content and form in harmony. Pupils’ writing in early school years, SEK 6,971,000

Malena Lidar, Effects of educational reforms: Grades and national tests in school year 6. How is education in natural sciences affected? SEK 7,585,000

Sven Oskarsson, Effects of educational reforms: Trained in democracy? Two school reforms’ effects on political gender equality. SEK 7 969 000

Linda Wedlin, Organised freedom: Governing and reform at Swedish universities, 9,414,000