Do labor market measures yield more jobs?

17 May 2010

How is unemployment affected by political reforms? What are the connections between unemployment and health? How does the structure of the educational system impact success on the job market? These are some of the questions to be addressed at the new Uppsala Center for Labor Studies.

An entirely new center - Uppsala Center for Labor Studies (UCLS) - has been started at Uppsala University. The Center will bring together scholars in economics, political science, and labor law to study areas such as the rules of the labor market, unemployment, and the social insurance system as well as income, education, and inequality.

The researchers will be studying, for instance, how reforms in social insurance affect unemployment and participation in the labor market and what connections there are between unemployment and health. Other studies will elucidate how the structure of the educational system affects success on the job market, or how globalization impacts employment and wage differentials in Sweden. They will also be investigating how the Swedish model of welfare is being influenced by globalization.

The research group will have access to enormous amounts of data, with detailed information based on population registries for individuals and for companies.

- We have comprehensive registry materials and can also combine difference registries, such as those for unemployment compensation and sickness allowances, says Bertil Holmlund, a professor of economics and one of the researchers at the new Center.

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